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Pharmacological process:
Sildenafil is a strong selective diphenylamine of cGMP-specific phosphodiesterase species 5 (PDE5).
The implementation of the physical adaptation of an erection is associated with the release of nitric oxide (NO) in the genitals during sexual viagra professional
This, in its own order, leads to an increase in the degree of cGMP, further relaxation of the smooth muscle of the penis, as well as an increase in blood circulation.
Sildenafil does not show a direct calming effect in the genital sense, however, it increases the result of NO by inhibiting PDE5, which is responsible.
Viagra is selective in the relationship of PDE5, its dynamism in the relationship of PDE5 exceeds that in the relationship of other popular ones Ten times;
Viagra is 4,000 times the most selective in the relationship of PDE5 according to comparison with PDEZ, which is of great importance, since PDEZ is considered one of the main enzymes for regulating myocardial contractility.
Sexual activation is considered an integral factor in the performance of sildenafil. Sildenafil resumes upset erectile function in circumstances of sexual stimulation due to the result of increased blood circulation in the genitals in men.
Medical Information:
Cardiological studies
The use of sildenafil in portions up to one hundred mg did not in any way bring clinically important changes in the electrocardiogram in men (patients). buy viagra professional
The greatest reduction in systolic blood pressure in the supine position after the Sildenafil method in a dose of One Hundred mg is 8.3 millimeters of mercury, but the relaxing blood pressure is 5.3 millimeters of mercury.
The most formulated, but also temporary process in blood pressure was recorded in patients taking nitrates.
In seeking a hemodynamic result of sildenafil in a single dose of One Hundred mg in fourteen patients with severe coronary artery disease (more than 70 percent of patients had a stricture, according to the last side, one coronary artery), the systolic also relaxing effect in staying calm decreased in 7% and also 6% in Accordingly, but pulmonary systolic influence decreased by 9%.
Sildenafil did not act in a sensitive outburst and did not observe any bleeding in the stenotic coronary arteries, but also brought about an increase (approximately 13%) in the nucleoside-induced coronary stream as well as in the stenotic, thus also intact coronary arteries.
In a dual blind placebo-controlled study of 144 patients with erectile dysfunction and also stable angina pectoris receiving antianginal substances (in addition to nitrates), physiological procedures were carried out up to this stage if the explicitness of the signs of angina pectoris decreased.
The duration of the procedure existed for more than exactly (19.9 seconds; 0.9-38.9 seconds) for patients who took sildenafil in a single dose of one hundred mg, according to a comparison with patients who received placebo. buy viagra professional
In a random, double-blind, placebo-controlled study, the result was studied by changing the dose of sildenafil (up to One hundred mg) in the stronger sex (n = 568) with erectile non-functionality and also arterial hypertension, receiving more than two antihypertensive substances.
Sildenafil increased erection about 71% of the stronger sex, compared with 18% in the placebo team. Fluctuation of negative results is significantly comparable with that in other groups of patients receiving the most misconduct of antihypertensive substances.
Visual pathology studies:
Nearly certain patients, after 1 hour after the Sildenafil method at a dose of One Hundred mg with the support of the Farnsworth-Munsel One Hundred test, a simple and temporary non-observance of the ability to distinguish tone color was also revealed.
After 120 minutes, after the substance method, these changes were lacking. It is, then, that non-compliance with color vision is excited by the inhibition of PDE6, which is involved in the transmission of lighting in retin gaze.
Sildenafil did not show any effect on the relevance of vision, understanding of contrast, X-ray diffraction, intraocular influence or the diameter of the pupil. buy viagra professional
In a placebo-controlled combined study of patients with true early age-related modular degeneration (n = 9), sildenafil in a single dose of One Hundred mg was well tolerated.
There was virtually no clinically important change in vision assessed according to special visual studies (visual tension, Amsler grid, color understanding, prediction of the passage of tone, Humphrey border and photo stress).
The effectiveness and protection of sildenafil was also evaluated in 21 random dual blind, placebo-controlled studies lasting up to 6 months for about 3,000 patients per year from 19 up to 90 years with erectile non-functionality (basic or hybrid).
The effectiveness of the substance was evaluated worldwide using erections, the international index of erectile function (validated questionnaire on the presence of sexual function) and a sample survey of a partner.
The effectiveness of Viagra, concrete as well as the ability to reach also maintain an erection, which is necessary for a good sexual effect, has been significantly demonstrated in absolutely all studies done.